Towing and Recovery Professionals of Colorado

Current Board Members (2021)

John Connolly

Connolly’s Towing

Rob Mooney

1st Vice-President
Denver West Towing

Jim Schofield

2nd Vice-President
Hamilton Towing

Karen Fischer


APT Services


Tracy Parks


USA Towing LLC


Chapter Presidents

Boulder Valley - Jim Schofield

Denver – Karen Fischer

Denver Liaison - Eli Chavez

High Country – Larry Lewark

High Plains – Steve Hernandez

Northern – John Houston

Pikes Peak – VACANT

Southern – Larry Lievers

Southwest – VACANT

Western Slope – Kim Hobscheidt

Code of Ethics

As members of the TRPC, we subscribe to the following principles. Members shall:


  • Encourage the American free enterprise system.
  • Hold our profession in high esteem and strive to enhance its prestige.
  • Uphold a duty of integrity, honor, fair dealing and courtesy to the general public in the operation of all facets of business.
  • Take pride in and keep equipment and drivers clean, neat, and professional.
  • Keep informed of and comply with all city, county, state, and federal laws, as well as all rules and regulations promulgated by all regulatory bodies designated to administer and enforce such laws.
  • Be truthful and be accurate in advertising and soliciting business.
  • Comply with all wage and hour laws, State Worker’s compensation laws, and payroll tax laws.
  • Perfect skills and increase knowledge through continuing education and training.
  • Cooperate with and assist other people in the interest of our profession.
  • Strive to improve our internal business methods to strengthen our economic well-being thereby improving our ability to serve the public and conform to the TRPC Constitution and Bylaws.
  • Bring to the attention of the TRPC Association any information believed to be in violation of any law or regulation.


This Association is formed, fostered, and nurtured to:

  • Serve the public interest by educating the public about the towing & recovery profession.
  • Encourage members to provide the public with adequate and professional services, by operating with safety and dispatch, by using quality equipment, and by utilizing well-trained and courteous personnel.
  • Maximize cooperation with governmental and law enforcement agencies.
  • Promote economic stability and profitability for its members through the dissemination of information on cost saving practices and economy through group activities.
  • Foster and promote a cooperative relationship between all professional wrecker operations and their principals.
  • Maintain relationships between the public, governmental agencies, and affiliated business members to create a better understanding of problems incurred and of contributions made by members.
  • Encourage rules or regulations of regulatory bodies and enlightened legislation that will enable the industry represented by the members to accomplish more completely these PRECEPTS.

TRPC Bylaws

Updated 6-4-2019. Click below to view the Bylaws of the TRPC.

Six-Way Test: In order to comply with the CODE OF ETHICS, ask yourself the following:

  1. Is it honest?
  2. Is it just to everyone?
  3. Will it build good industry image?
  4. Will it benefit the general public?
  5. Can you be proud of the work that you do?
  6. Have you been ethically and morally competitive?

Move Over Slow Down PSA video as part of the Provider Safety Advocacy campaign from Allstate Roadside Services and the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame Museum to raise awareness of Move Over highway safety laws.